Farm House Pepper, a few kilometers from Otranto along stunning coastal road, is a new building, whose name comes from “pipirussu”, chili Salento dialect, which is the nickname of the family owning the hotel, due to their tendency to become red complexion during the hours spent in the sun by working the land.

The agricultural tradition of Renisi family begins when the grandfather Luigi rents some land overlooking the coastal Otranto – Porto Badisco, calls “old vines”, known lands for the cultivation of vineyards and cultivate with great experience, hard work and passion.

The son, Cosimo Damiano, decided to buy the lands worked by his father and is dedicated to olive growing as the main activity, mostly by planting olive trees, but also vegetables, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and wheat, whose flour is distributed to local furnaces.

In 2012 it takes place a generational shift that revolutionizes the company’s business, thanks to Gianluca, son of Cosimo Damiano, who decides to allocate part of the land to his farm.

In what was once the barn where the cows were staying, were born in 2015, six rooms, nice, modern and cozy.

Guests will enter into contact with the history of a family that has dedicated his life to agriculture and to the love for their land.